Dress – Replace Zipper Regular (nylon) 18” Zipper $18.00
Dress – Replace Zipper Invisible (nylon) 18” Zipper $20.00
Replace regular zipper Invisible (nylon) small Zipper $15.00
Jacket – Replace 20+ Inch Regular Zipper on Jackets $20.00
Pants / Skirts – Replace Regular (nylon) 9” Zipper on Pants or Skirt $18.00
Jeans Medium gauge zipper (brass) $18.00
****All other types of zipper replacements are plus cost of zipper****
Shorten Jackets Sleeves (no button hole – no lining) $15.00
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with Lining (no button holes) $20.00
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with Buttons (no lining – Moving buttons – not making new button holes just giving the button look) $25.00
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with Button Hole + Lining (Moving buttons – not making new button holes just giving the button look) $30.00
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with Button Hole No Lining (Making functional button holes) $40.00
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with Button Hole + Lining (Making functional button holes) $45.00
Replace Lining in jackets/blazer + fabric $40.00
+        with inside breast pockets add each pocket $10.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams for Unlined Jacket & Blazers $25.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams for Lined Jacket & Blazers $30.00
Taper Jackets Unlined $25.00
Taper jackets Lined $35.00
Take out Pockets & Sealing Hole (Making them non-functional) $8.00
Make Pockets for Pants (create pocket that were never there) $20.00
Take out & Add Larger Packet for Pants $20.00
Taper Legs on Pants both sides $15.00
Shorten Simple Hem Pants Regular Width $8.00
Shorten Pants with Lining $12.00
Shorten Pants with Cuffs $14.00
Shorten Jeans while keeping original hem $12.00
Take in Waist on Pants $10.00
Take Up Crotch on Pants $10.00
Take in Waist & Take up Crotch on Pants $20.00
Replace Elastic Pants $10.00
Rip inseam, pants, jeans, shirts $5.00
Pressing Pants $5.00
Repair Belt Loops on Pants Each $1.00
Take off Collar on Shirts or Blouses $14.00
Create V-Splits at hemline $15.00
Rip inseam, pants, jeans, shirts, $5.00
Shorten or Lengthen Sleeves on Tops (Simple) $10.00
Make Pocket for Shirts – each + Fabric Cost $7.00
Take in sides on Single Seam $10.00
Take in sides on Double Seam $12.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams Unlined Shirts & Blouses $20.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams Lined Shirts & Blouses $25.00
Shirts make long sleeves into standard short sleeves $15.00
Pressing Shirts/Blouses $5.00
Hem/Wide Width Skirts $20.00
Hem/Replace ruffle or braid on the bottom of the skirt (plus fabric cost if needed) $30.00
Skirt Take in Sides $12.00
+        with lining $16.00
Dress/skirt shorten hem (plain) $16.00
+        with lining $20.00
Dress taken in or let out $25.00
+        with lining $35.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams Unlined Dresses $20.00
Adjust Shoulder Seams Lined Dresses $25.00
Pressing Skirt / Dresses $5.00
Bridesmaids Sides taken in (simple) $35.00
Bridesmaids Simple hems (simple) $35.00
Dress/skirt shorten hem (fancy/biased/custom) **ASK**
Dress/skirt take in/let out (fancy/biased/custom) **ASK**
Sew holes / patch holes (small) $5.00
Sew holes / patch holes (medium) $7.50
Sew holes / patch holes (large) $10.00
Sew embroidered patches/emblems (each) $7.50
Sew elbow patches (pair) $25.00
Button Replacement + price of button each $1.00
Make Button Holes each $1.00
Add Loops + Fabric Cost $1.00 each
Fix Belt Loops $1.00 each
Adding, removing or altering: Beads, Sequence, Appliqués, Lace:  Prices vary per garment
Prices for alteration may vary depending on fabric types
****All Leather and Suede materials are priced differently – Require Quote****
****Measuring for events not booked with me starts at $10.00****
****Very detailed measurements $15.00 & up****
NOTE: Simple alterations can take 7-10 days to complete. More detailed alterations can take up to 2-6 weeks, due to the availability of materials; garment construction; and the nature and extent of repairs!